Arngrímur og Ovidius.


  • Sigurður Pétursson


In western literature quotations and references to famous authors have for more than two millenia played an important part in establishing literary works as belonging to a certain tradition. Innu - merable examples are to be found in Greek and Latin literature extending from the last centuries before Christ to the abundant humanistic use of classical models. Arngrímur Jónsson (1568– 1648), the most prolific humanist writer of Iceland, is no exception. His works are richly imbued with reminiscences of classical Latin literature in full agreement with the taste of his times. One of the most prominent authors referred to by Arngrímur is the Roman poet Ovid whose inspiration was widely felt both in art and literature in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In the article on Arngrímur and Ovid an attempt is made to describe Arn - grímur’s use of the works of Ovid from several points of view, reaching the conclusion that a learned man like Arngímur Jónsson, though living in a remote country like Iceland, composed his lite - rary works in full accordance with the customs and taste of the learned class of western civilization in general.






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